One Decade Dancing For The Kids

In my multiple years as the Graphic Design and Marketing Board Chair for Seattle University Dance Marathon (SUDM), I successfully completed a diverse range of projects:

  • Designed a range of collateral for various target audiences while maintaining a consistent brand voice for:
    • Yearly campaign theme design system and illustrations as visual motifs
    • Photo and video for special events and the Dance Marathon day
    • Personalized print content for each miracle kid in attendance
    • Digital and print advertisements for special events and in-event content for entertainment
    • A corporate partnership packet and creative marketing collateral to encourage donations and educate student dancers with fundraising tactics
    • Special projects based on the committee work requests
  • I conceptualized and collaboratively developed year-long marketing campaigns, to successfully promote SUDM to local businesses, potential donors, the campus student body, and families of Seattle Children’s Hospital
  • Wrote comprehensive marketing plans for special events for student dancers and the local Seattle University community; engaged with the audience through print and digital collateral while telling the story of Dance Marathon
  • Managed SUDM’s social media platforms—achieving over 20% growth on Facebook and Twitter, and over 30% growth on Instagram

What is SUDM?

Dance Marathon is a nationwide youth-led philanthropy that benefits Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Seattle University’s Dance Marathon (SUDM) is a student-led organization that specifically benefits Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Strong Against Cancer Research Initiative and Uncompensated Care Fund.

Through the Uncompensated Care Fund, SUDM provides lifesaving health care to patients at Seattle Children’s, regardless of their ability to afford medical care.
— SUDM mission & vision statement

Leading Collaborative Brand Development

Seattle University Dance Marathon celebrated its 10th birthday in 2016. At the first committee meeting of the year, I presented on SUDM’s brand position and led a collaborative brainstorm to ideate themes for the 2016-17 fiscal year. During a word association exercise, someone mentioned ‘cupcakes’ and a light struck on. Our committee collectively decided to organized our entire campaign around a 10th Birthday Party theme.

Seattle University itself concurrently celebrated its 125th anniversary the same year. SUDM had the unique opportunity to partner with several University organizations to assist our fundraising endeavors. In particular, I worked closely with the Seattle University Marketing Communications department to create a cohesive marketing plan that included various #SU125 events and marketing tactics. SUDM incorporated the “125” number into our campaign in a number of ways. Most notably, we established our fundraising goal at $125,000!

Miracle Day

On January 25th, as another 1/25 marketing tactic, we attempted to fundraise $25,000 in just one day. Our committee worked to acquire event space, matching donors, and partnerships for events. I designed and developed a multi-platform marketing campaign focused on encouraging people to participate in the SUDM inspired events or activities planned around the community.

Accompanying digital and print collateral, I also coordinated a campus take-over with our volunteers. We (almost literally) painted the campus blue and orange. After 24 hours, our donors, supporters, and team fundraised $61,251.25 for Seattle Children’s Hospital, well exceeding our goal of $25,000 in one day.

The Decade of DM Birthday Celebration

SUDM culminates in the day of Dance Marathon—a 16-hour celebration where we fundraise and dance in solidarity for the children who cannot be there with us. We invited our miracle children, patient families, doctors, nurses, and staff of Seattle Children’s Hospital, Seattle University students, faculty, and staff, among many others. The day was filled with guest speakers, performances, and activities with an inclusive atmosphere that encouraged outreach, donation giving, and having fun with the miracle children.

Most the day’s effort is put toward helping student dancers fundraise towards our $125,000 goal. We incentivized and encouraged donations through games, prizes, contacting potential donors, and more. At the Dance Marathon, we had a final awards ceremony and announced our fundraising total for the year. In summation, #DecadeofDM exceeded our goal and blew away our greatest expectations; SUDM fundraised $148,210 For The Kids of Seattle Children’s Hospital.