Architecture & Planning Internship

I worked as a Digital Designer at the award-winning architectural firm SDK Atelier in Irvine, California. I handled a variety of tasks ranging from creating digital color schemes and physical mood boards for client presentations, rendering house plans on a street scene in color with landscaping for city submittal and approval, and plotting basic house floor plans at scale to learn the essentials of AutoCAD. In addition, I worked alongside Creative Associate, Chelsey Siems, to write marketing statements for numerous projects. Throughout my experience at SDK, I attained essential knowledge about the process of urban development and architectural design in a fast-paced, professional studio environment.

Aliento CAD Layout

I designed this layout using AutoCAD 2016 for mac. Vice President, Dustin Karami, mentored me through the process of measuring an existing plan at scale, then recreating a top view floor plan using the existing plan data.

One of my favorite things I created were street-view houses in Photoshop. These renderings were added to project documents, then submitted to project developers and the local City government for design review.