The San Onofre Surf Company (SanO) opened in San Clemente, CA as a grassroots surf-wear company with a rich history and rad clothes. As the in-house digital designer, I supported the Production Team in conceptualizing and producing print and digital content for e-commerce and social platforms. We connected with surf history and culture through strategic research, tailored histories, print catalogs, and targeted advertisements.

Free by the Sea

2016 summer postcard design

The Lookbook (2015 fall catalog)

theEthan project

theEthan project is a digital memorial of the great Ethan Brostedt: surfer, photographer, filmmaker, and community member. Joey Lambert, SanO owner and one of Ethan’s longtime friends, gathered three original VHS videos with the goal of digitizing the footage and creating an artistic memorial that represented the historical footage Ethan captured during his life. The project was a three-month-long collaborative effort with friends of Ethan and San Onofre Surf Co. I was tasked with creating a variety of collateral using this footage. I reviewed VHS videotapes and designed a comprehensive visual campaign that included print collages, video clips and audio clips.

la Miramar

The SanO Fall 2016 product line introduced clothing for a female audience segment. I scouted the Miramar Theater in San Clemente, CA, for a photoshoot to introduce the new products to buyers. The historic Miramar Theater has a Spanish-American architecture which was a major influence on the Southern California culture and SanO brand. I conducted a photo shoot with model Lindsey Grant, across multiple locations around the Miramar Theater, San Clemente boardwalk, and beach. I delivered 10 high-resolution digital photographs to market the new merchandise.