Seattle University Digital Design Exhibition

The Seattle University Digital Design Exhibition introduces many talented designers to the local community and celebrates our years of hard work at our exhibition showcase, featuring food, drinks, silent auction prizes and flux brand products for sale.

It was an honor to be elected by my peers as a Co-Director of our exhibition. I primarily acted as the Creative Director of Internal Affairs, managing the creative and marketing duties among a cohort of 22 student designers. Our Exhibition Director of External Affairs worked with our donations, fundraising, and production teams to generate revenue for our beneficiary.

Each year, the Seattle University Digital Design class selects a local organization to fundraise for. We produce the exhibition to highlight our own work, but also to give back to the community around us. We decided to support the local non-profit organization, Art with Heart, which supports childhood development through art therapy and creative expression. After tallying our successes, we donated over $2,000 in proceeds to Art With Heart.

A Collective Identity

The flux brand, designed by Courtney Kosaka and Emily Guldahl, was a collaborative effort. Initially, I facilitated brainstorm sessions with the cohort of 22 design students, contributed ideas to develop, collectively envisioned a concept, and voted on an exhibition name. As the Creative Director, I worked tirelessly to center our identity around the synergy of our cohort, and maintained a high degree of consistency and quality.

The logo itself represents our collective identity. Each student contributed one drawing of a circle to symbolize their own, whole identity. These circle sketches were formed into one logo and applied to all the marketing, production, promotion and exhibition material. The circular union in flux symbolized the dissonance and harmony in our cohort. Though diverse in experience and converging at this point in time, these individuals are some of the most diligent and lively people I know.

2017 Digital Design Cohort

Academic Mentor: Naomi Kasumi
Directors: Joey Grable, Chris Mercurio
Accountant: Alyssa Lau
Designers: Emily Guldahl, Courtney Kosaka
Production: Ceci Estela, Samira Shobeiri
Marketing: Aprille Perez, Kyle Woo
Fundraising Team: Anna Nguyen, Kevin Tran, Madison Vucci
Donations Team: Alicia Hiruko, Nigel Jones, Ivy Ye
Submissions Editor: Kenzie Nicholson
Installation Team: Teal Chinn, Max Keet, Caleb Saied, Maddie Sharpe, Afina Walton
Party Czar: Aiden Earle
Photography: Kevin Tran, James Alexander