Strategic Marketing Professionals

An agent contacted me to build a WordPress website for Clark Collins business venture, Collins & Associates. Collins built this new marketing firm with long-time strategic partners to help small to mid-sized businesses to meet their marketing goals and thrive. As such, he wanted their new website to highlight the cost-effective, research-based marketing strategies C&W provides.

First, I collaborated with a copywriter who conducted an initial client interview to write¬†and edit the web-pages. As we worked out copy and content, I researched professional WordPress themes and sourced imagery that matched Collins’s desired aesthetic, including all the necessary features to accommodate the site content. With that done, I began developing his WordPress site and customizing its functionality.

The website was built on an Apache/MySQL server using Node.js to manage development packages, Github for version control, and Grunt.js to automate my workflow processes. The theme is mobile responsive.

The biggest challenge for this project was training Collins on using his new WordPress website. After developing the website and customizing the theme to the required specifications, I sat down with Collins to help configure his settings and train him on the basics of WordPress. Collins and I took turns traveling to one another’s neighborhoods to discuss progress and train him on the WordPress platform. After familiarizing myself with the new interface, I walked Collins through editing the website pages, changing widgets on the homepage and sidebars, how to upload new media to his website, and how to post new case studies to his blog.

The outcome was a clean and professional website which was developed on a tight budget within a two-month timeframe. At the same time, I was providing the personalized service that Collins needed to get up-and-running. Collins successfully launched his business October 2018 and is projecting growth in the first quarter of 2019.