NOW ENTERING: A Safe and Accessible Space for All


For a service-learning assignment, I formed a design team with several colleagues and we partnered with the Capitol Hill Arts District (CHAD) to design an awareness campaign that coincided with their new website.

Project Challenges & Goals

According to a neighborhood survey, many residents were unaware that CHAD existed. It was the first neighborhood to be named as part of the Arts & Cultural Districts program by the Seattle City Government in 2014. CHAD launched their website in 2017 to elevate its presence.

My team’s primary goal was to build off the visual tone established on their website and to increase community awareness. Another key challenge for this assignment was to manage, plan, and coordinate a collaborative design with a team. As the Design Lead, I worked closely with the team to delegate and deliver a comprehensive collateral design and marketing plan to our client.

Design Strategy

Our team developed a targeted marketing campaign, focusing on the environmental and neighborhood aspects of CHAD. By designing the collateral materials as elements of a wayfinding system and complimenting pre-existing brand elements, we increased pedestrian and drivers’ perception of CHAD’s physical boundary.

Inside of the CHAD, we empowered community partners to facilitate the neighborhood brand. We distributed small format postcards and stickers to community partners and asked them to display and sell them within their business. Digital assets, like neighborhood photographs and Facebook cover photos, expanded the CHAD presence online. Additionally, the hashtags #NowEntering and #CapitolHillArtsDistrict were applied to the collateral to track the conversation online.

Design Solution

The Capitol Hill Arts District requested that we deliver each of the following:

  • 11×17 in. poster design
  • 6×4 in. postcard design
  • 4×4 in. round sticker
  • Facebook cover photo

Design Process

As the Team Lead, it was my responsibility to understand the scope of work, coordinate a schedule between the designers and our client, delegate tasks to each team member, and maintain a positive focus on the project goals and deliverables.

The design process included reviewing existing collateral and advertisements, and brainstorming ways to expand upon the existing wayfinding signage. Utilizing over 50 photos of public artworks and murals within the Arts district, our team developed initial concepts, developed content and produced a series of layouts.

The project scope also included researching of local printers and advertisement companies, coordinating and securing price estimates for printing and posting flyers around Capitol Hill.

Project Impact

Our team presented the campaign to the Arts District Steering Committee and recommended a course of action for marketing CHAD. The committee response was overwhelmingly positive.

They appreciated the versatility of the design system we made. The text content was minimal and remained consistent across the collateral. The CHAD logo was prominently featured, while the interchangeable background photos of CHAD murals highlighted the local community. The interchangeable backgrounds empowered the committee to swap out photographs with other options—sourcing background photos from district partners and community members delivered more community value. This unique, adaptable design approach proved very successful for the client.

The marketing collateral served as advertisements and aid wayfinding. The large format posters were put along the perimeter of the district to identify its boundary, while personal collateral items were used inside partner locations. The collateral did a solid job notifying people they were entering a new city neighborhood and complemented existing CHAD brand signage. The content was focused and clearly promoted shared art and cultural values, which improved people’s awareness and perception of CHAD.

To our excitement, many businesses endorsed our efforts to market the CHAD. They liked having the responsibility as a community partner to facilitate the neighborhood’s brand. Some community partners even opted to put the poster advertisement in their window.

The committee accepted our proposed marketing plan and the posters, stickers, and postcards were successfully promoted in the Capitol Hill Arts District throughout the summer of 2017.