For The Kids of Seattle Children's Hospital

In my multiple years volunteering as the Graphic Design and Marketing Board Member of Seattle University Dance Marathon (SUDM), I successfully completed a diverse range of projects. Coming on as the first Graphic Designer for the board, the very first project I was tackled was to redesign the existing brand entirely.

Our parent organization, Miracle Network Dance Marathon, rebranded their identity in 2015. Consequently, each Dance Marathon was responsible for taking the new logo assets provided and integrating them into our school and community brand.

Seattle University Dance Marathon is a unique heart-warming organization which fundraises for Seattle Children’s Hospital. In order to solidify┬áthe new SUDM brand into the hearts and minds of our community, campus, and partners, I intentionally struck a balance between the professional and fun sides. My final deliverable was a comprehensive brand style guide to be used for the SUDM generations.

This style guide was recognized by the Northwest Regional Manager of Dance Marathon and featured in the Northwest Regional Dance Marathon Newsletter.