I am a determined designer balancing between artist and engineer, seeking a job as the Creative Lead for a multi-disciplinary design & branding agency.

I work collaboratively to organize brands, build creative tools, and produce resources that drive user engagement, assist in lead acquisition, and aim to improve the process that defines your brand story.




Webpage Redesigns & Additions

I reviewed and refreshed the Surface Art website which contained outdated product photography and information. Previously, the pages acted as a depot for technical information and did little to educate customers on the value-added when purchasing products from Surface Art.  I restructured the website to update content including copy, photography and the added feature of conversion tracking.

These new layouts enhanced the existing page styles but reworked the content strategy. I highlighted the advantages of each product, its components, and ease-of-use by using a linear storytelling approach.

Newsletter Sign Up Integrated Footer
Metal Profile Edge Trims
Watertight Shower System
Absolute Color System