I am a determined designer balancing between artist and engineer, seeking a job as the Creative Lead for a multi-disciplinary design & branding agency.

I work collaboratively to organize brands, build creative tools, and produce resources that drive user engagement, assist in lead acquisition, and aim to improve the process that defines your brand story.




Mega-Menu Navigation Overhaul

As the sole graphic designer, I was responsible for managing the appearance and functionality of www.SurfaceArtInc.com. After researching the current system, ascertaining concerns and complaints from key stakeholders and reviewing the Google Analytics Behavior Flow data of our users, I flagged a number of issues with the information architecture behind the existing navigation and analyzed the current and future planned site navigation.

The Analytics data showed users were getting lost once past the site Home Page, a situation caused by Mega Menu.

The site navigation was “clunky” and users were distracted by decision overload and high-contrast imagery. In order to solve these problems, I worked with the marketing team to group, rank, and categorize the collections and looks of SAI tile products. The result was a slimmed down user interface that offered a stylistic deviation to make the website feel fresh while on brand; at the same time, this new navigation offered customers a clearer pathway to finding the product look, color, or style they are looking for.

OLD navigation
NEW & Improved Navigation