I am a determined designer balancing between artist and engineer, seeking a job as the Creative Lead for a multi-disciplinary design & branding agency.

I work collaboratively to organize brands, build creative tools, and produce resources that drive user engagement, assist in lead acquisition, and aim to improve the process that defines your brand story.




Product Spotlight Videos

Video editing: captured 20+ hours of footage and edited down multiple chapter videos to comprise a 30-minute shower install training video series.

Video production for instructional use: created video content to teach contractors how to install the SAI products step-by-step and comply with ANSI Standards.

KPI & Analytics monitoring: our marketing team determined what metrics to monitor and I established Google Analytics goal conversion tracking on subsequent web-pages.

Motion graphics/animation: conceptualized a thematic motion graphic style to apply to each video.

About Surface Art Header Video

A dynamic tour of the SAI warehouse.

The Watertight Shower System

The only system on the market with a lifetime watertight warranty.

The Absolute Color System

Timeless Spaces & Seamless Transitions.

Nouveau, Mosaic Tile

Motion graphics for tile with emotion.

Shower Grate Colors

Accessorize your shower with jewelry like color options.