Surface Art Inc. user experience research and interface designs


After reviewing the analytics, I found many website users leaving the website because of a bug in the navigation links. Upon bringing this issue up with corporate leaders, they instructed our marketing team to clean up the user experience.

Using Google Analytics and insights gained by conducting a competition review, I ranked and categorized product grouping by collection, look, and usage. I then proposed to remove images from the navigation because it added unnecessary distraction. With the added clarity through hover and active states, the resulting interface slimmed down the pre-existing options. It offered a stylistic deviation to make the website feel fresh while providing users a clearer path to finding the product look, color, or style they need.

The navigation was successfully implemented in July 2020

In addition, I integrated a newsletter sign up form, added multiple web-pages with vibrant new product photographs, and incorporated a pop-up graphic to increase sales on their water system line of products.

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