I am a determined designer seeking a job as a Visual Designer for a multi-disciplinary design team.

Transgress (verb): to infringe or go beyond a standard or bound.

Fragments Magazine
vol. 57, Lead Designer

Client: Fragments Literary Arts Magazine

Location: Seattle, WA

Date: 2016

editorial design,
content coordination,
print production

Approach: Fragments magazine was a challenge to compose due to its thematic nature. The committee was responsible for determining which submissions spoke to the year’s theme and I was in charge of formatting the entire magazine in a layout that complimented the content and spoke to the theme.

Process: First we deconstructed the definition of ‘transgress’ and identified underlying assumptions and feelings about the theme. Next, I selected and presented a number of font combinations and began constructing layouts based on the theme. The editorial team and I worked diligently to sort through submissions and narrow the selections down to a final series. I paired the visual works with poems on full spreads and left short stories to their own spreads

Outcome: I unified a vast range of artistic works under a cohesive theme that maintained a visual rhythm throughout.

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