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a creative project

theEthan project

Client: San Onofre Surf Co

Location: San Clemente, CA

Date: 2014

Category: photo restoration

Approach: Early regional surf clubs printed yearbooks to commemorate the collections of family photos at the beach, trips to San Onofre, Malibu, and Santa Cruz to name a few. But one artist rose above the tides with his iconic VHS edits and radical short film style — Ethan Brosdedt. The founder of San Onofre Surf Co. received a blessing from Ethan’s family to revive his original VHS tapes. He asked me to bring these moving pictures back to life.

Process: I used these tapes to create collages into printed artworks. Ethan was notorious for the wordplay he used on title slides between clips. I highlighted this by titling this series “theEthan project” in his memory.

Outcome: These commemorative collages still remind us of Ethan as they hang in the San Onofre Surf Co warehouse to this day.

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