I am a determined designer seeking a job as a Visual Designer for a multi-disciplinary design team.

User Experience Research, Prototyping, and User Testing for

Surface Art Inc's
Mega Menu Redesign

Client: Surface Art Inc.

Location: Kent, WA

Date: 2019

user experience design,
product prototyping,
user testing (interview’s & focus group)

Challenge: The Analytics data showed users were getting lost once clicking past the site home page. The research determined the existing mega menu was both confusing and distracting. Users were overloaded with decisions and high-contrast imagery. My goal was to mitigate this issue.

OLD navigation

Process: Once I gained an understanding of the current infrastructure, ascertained concerns and complaints from key stakeholders and reviewed the Google Analytics behavior flow data of our users, I flagged a number of issues with the information architecture behind the existing navigation. I worked to construct a more user-focused site navigation structure and design.

NEW & Improved Navigation

Solution: In order to solve these problems, I worked with the marketing team to rank and categorize product grouping by collection, look, and usage. I then trimmed down the content, removed the images, and added hover plus active states for clarity. The result was a slimmed down user interface that offered a stylistic deviation to make the website feel fresh while providing users a clearer pathway to finding the product look, color, or style they need.

Results: The navigation is under development to be fully implemented before summer 2020.

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