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Surface Art Product Analytics with

A Javascript Tool for Determining Similar Products

Client: Surface Art Inc.

Location: Kent, WA

Date: 2020

database statistical analysis
javascript programming,

Approach: Surface Art clients and sales representatives found it tedious to search and recommend similar products for a collection of over 700 tile lines.

Challenge: The previous system for product indexing was maintained in a single Word Document. The document was over 50 pages containing product lists with sublists of recommendations. The process of searching for products to be removed or added was cumbersome and time-consuming.

Solution: To simplify this process, I coded a custom statistical tool using javascript to analyze every product in the database and determine similar products given a particular request. This data library significantly reduced the time required to update our similar products document list; in addition, it allowed a more objective and immediate analysis of the product database from tile colors and sizes to its physical composition and usage.

Simple search input with console output of specific product line and color suggestions.
Search Factors are Weighted for Tuning User Preferences
A Snippet of Source Code
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