I am a determined designer seeking a job as a Visual Designer for a multi-disciplinary design team.

Product Spotlights for a Marketing Campaign.

Video Direction, Editing,
and Video Production.

Client: Surface Art Inc.

Location: Kent, WA

Date: 2019 – 2020

product video production,
video advertisements,
KPI metrics’ analytics monitor

Video editing: captured 20+ hours of footage and edited down multiple chapter videos to comprise a 30-minute shower install training video series.

Video production for instructional use: created video content to teach contractors how to install Surface Art products step-by-step and comply with Industry Standards ANSI.

Set KPIs & Analytic Reporting: our marketing team determined what metrics to monitor and I established Google Analytics goal conversion tracking on subsequent web-pages.

Motion graphics/animation: conceptualized a thematic motion graphic style to apply to each video to maintain story flow and brand consistency.

About Surface Art Header Video

A dynamic tour of the SAI warehouse.

The Watertight Shower System

The only system on the market with a lifetime watertight warranty.

The Absolute Color System

Timeless Spaces & Seamless Transitions.

Nouveau, Mosaic Tile

Motion graphics for tile with emotion.

Shower Grate Colors

Accessorize your shower with jewelry like color options.

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