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a brand template refresh for

Capitol Hill Housing Association, Resident Services Department

Client: Capitol Hill Housing Association

Location: Seattle, WA

Date: 2017

collateral design,
brand strategy

Challenge: A survey showed that half of the Association’s residents were unaware of the additional services provided by the Capitol Hill Housing Association. This new marketing campaign aimed to raise residents’ awareness of these services.

Solution: I was tasked to design a print poster to communicate the services available to residents. In addition, I constructed a building-specific, customizable design system for the Resident Coordinators to help advertise community events, welcome new residents, and promote their support for each building they manage.

Results: I created a consistent look for templated introduction sheets, a 2018-19 monthly calendar, customizable event flyers with optional page components, and accompanying handouts. These were well received and heavily used by Resident Coordinators and CHHA staff.

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