I am a determined designer seeking a job as a Visual Designer for a multi-disciplinary design team.

Humility (noun): Freedom from pride or arrogance; The quality or state of being humble.

Fragments Magazine,
issue. 58, Design Lead

Client: Fragments Literary Arts Magazine

Location: Seattle, WA

Date: 2017

editorial design,
content coordination,
print production

Challenge: How does a contemporary designer take a stance of modesty in their design? What makes a printed work appear humble? These were questions stirring through my head and it posed a new approach to my design thinking.

Process: I spent a lot of time looking at archived prints of Fragments Magazine. This gave me a starting place for how people experienced Fragments in the past. The first thing I noticed was the small margin space. This often caused readers to place their thumb over text just to hold the book open; it also caused text to get lost in the book gutter. The last thing I noticed was the preferential use of san-serif fonts for both the body and headings.

Solution: I mediated all these obstacles threefold: with a systematic page layout, keen typeface selection, and contemporary calligraphy. I employed a golden ratio proportioned layout derived from teachings of historic bookmakers from Gutenberg to Jan Tschichold. To bring home a sense of tradition and pay homage to the origins of writing, I hand-crafted the fragments logo, edition title, and issue number with a broad edge pen.

Results: Fragments issue no. 58 was very well received by the artists who contributed and the readers who supported our production. The design system I developed was so well admired by the English Department head and editorial staff that the template continued to be used for later editions of Fragments.

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