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a conceptual product design for

Grable Reserve — Wine Box?

Location: Seattle, WA

Date: 2017

conceptual design,
print design,
product prototyping

Challenge: As a minimum viable product idea, I choose to research and develop a conceptual product design for wine lovers. I challenged myself to apply a subscription model to a wine box. The idea was simple, to deliver hand-selected wine to users based on their drinking preferences.

Solution: I studied the facets of wine production and drinker preference extensively. I researched and designed a questionnaire for subscribers and drafted a physical box to carry the product. The box design itself is intentionally reusable to cut back on shipping waste. The box also serves as a centerpiece for any kitchen or shelf. The box design successfully carries three bottles and its added multi-functional use makes it a hit for home wine drinkers and dinner party goers.

Results: The Grable Reserve conceptual product design was on showcase at my University design exhibition and was an engaging, interactive piece for attendees. Ideally, the next steps with this project involve getting in touch with local financial investors, wine distributors, and wine industry leaders to receive critical feedback on its design and user experience; then use a prototype in a test shipment among a target group of wine drinkers.

User Experience: Once a user subscribes to a Grable Reserve box, they first receive a phone call from a wine specialist who helps build a flavor profile for them. The user will then promptly receive their wine box in the mail. They are welcomed to open it up, pull the bottles out, rotate the box base 90 degrees, and insert the bottles sideways.

Once they finish all three bottles, they are instructed to repackage the bottles in their upright position, and simply use a prepaid return shipping slip to send the wine box back to Grable Reserve. Users may also choose to update their preferences using the handy wine selection sheet. As soon as Grable Reserve receives its wine box, user profiles are reassessed, wine supply replenished, and the box re-shipped to the customer’s doorstep.

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