A calligraphic inspired typeface developer
striving to innovate calligraphy and
typography for the digital information era.

I modernize new forms of calligraphy,
type and design through researching
historic methodologies rooted in beautiful
, tradition & type-technology.

IG: @JoeyGrable94

Design Lead with Fragments Magazine

  /    /  Design Lead with Fragments Magazine

It started with a white charcoal sketch on black paper of a face that appeared to me in a dream. It was Chatauqua—a deep desire to create arose and wanted to be see, and I listened.

The following semester I submited the sketch to Fragments Literary Magazine, an annual publication of the best literature and visual art of the Seattle University community. I was disappointed to hear the work had not been selected for the Spring 2015 edition, but to my dismay on the day of release there it was, Chatauqua, on the front cover to be heard for all.

From then on a relationship began between the director of the Magazine and I. The following year in the fall quarter 2015, the director reached out to me and put me in contact with the editors in chief to assist in the design production.

TRANSGRESS | vol. 57

Transgress (v): to infringe or go beyond a standard or bound.

Humility | issue no. 58

Humility (n): Freedom from pride or arrogance; The quality or state of being humble.