I am a determined designer balancing between artist and engineer, seeking a job as the Creative Lead for a multi-disciplinary design & branding agency.

I work collaboratively to organize brands, build creative tools, and produce resources that drive user engagement, assist in lead acquisition, and aim to improve the process that defines your brand story.



a historical font revival

Concourse Display

I introduce to you, Concourse, a premiere display font available to the public. Inspired by the grandeur of the Union Station (Seattle), this neo-classic font provides strong stems with sharp serifs comforted by lofty curves.

Concourse Display presents an extended Latin character set, regular and old-style figures with proportionate and tabular lining options, open type fractions, plus both standard and discretionary ligatures. With great legibility and impressive readability down to 14pt sizes, Concourse display is ready for action.

The Sign That Inspired The Design

Photos of Union Station (Seattle) sign taken on January 15th, 2019.

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