I am a determined designer seeking a job as a Visual Designer for a multi-disciplinary design team.

a freelance branding contract for

Cheese Meats Bread,
Identity Design

Approach: Successful Seattle restaurateur Kevin Chung wanted to create a concept restaurant combining the global food influences throughout his life. This new eatery Cheese Meats Bread served up grilled cheese sandwiches inspired by French, Mexican, Korean, and American cuisine. Playing off this concept, Kevin asked our design team to create a vibrant, typographic brand that felt Americana but accessible to the audience in the International District where it was located.

Process: I collaborated with another designer to iterate over 50 logo concepts and narrowed down our options to the selected logo treatment and a typographic pattern to apply. We delivered a brand identity, style guide, print menu design, and a food packaging concept.

Outcome: Cheese Meats Bread successfully opened in February 2017 in the Uwajimaya marketplace using our marketing and brand program.

Joey Grable’s Portfolio / Cheese Meats Bread Restaraunt Brand Design