A client approached me with the request to calligraph a poem as a wedding gift for his family. They selected the poem “Let us give thanks by Max Coots; totaling 166 words. After a few conversations about the piece and the client’s preferences, I settled on the following composition.

The piece was written on a 20×15 inch sheet of BFK, using a Leonard 1mm nib for the title text and a 1/2 mm nib for body text. The color is Winsor and Newton jet black gouache and a hand-ground burnt sienna pigment-based ink from Siena, Italy. The total writing time was just under 30 hours including daily 1-hour practice, composing paste-ups, ruling the BFK sheet, and a 6-hour writing session to complete the final piece.

It was a pleasure to write this poem for my client. Has was very satisfied with the final product quality and its timely delivery. Cheer’s to the happy couple!