Roman Capitals and Cappuccinos in Italy.

In my further exploration of calligraphy and print design, I studied abroad in Siena, Italy, under the guidance of a mentor and friend of Seattle University. During that time, I learned eight methods of bookbinding. Additionally, I researched the medieval and renaissance calligraphy styles prevalent in the Tuscan region. These detail-oriented crafts encourage a patient way of working and facilitates heightened attention to the functional and aesthetic qualities of a physical object.

Books Bound

  • bolt bound hardcover
  • perfect bound softcover
  • glue bound softcover
  • codex bound softcover
  • codex bound hardcover
  • accordion fold hardcover
  • coptic bound hardcover
  • Japanese stab binding



Finding The Finest Papers in Florence

On one excursion to Florence, I stumbled upon a paper shop called il Papiro. While wandering through hallways of hand-marbled and woodblock printed papers, an employee noticed my interest in the different marbling patterns. The kind woman named Celeste demonstrated the marbling process for us and I will never forget how satisfying it was to witness the organic patterns be formed by hand.