I am passionate about incorporating beautiful typography using modern methods and technologies. As I move forward with a diverse background in digital and print design, I thrive working with goal-oriented teams to develop clean, consistent and impactful visual content.

I was born the creative type beginning in fine arts. Through high school, I took up digital art and video production for anyone willing to entertain my next big idea. In college, my mentors encouraged me to pursue digital design and inspired a love of traditional calligraphy and book-binding. Support from family & friends, guidance from mentors, a little bit of beer, and a lot of coffee pushed me to graduate with a BA in Digital Design, travel to Italy for the summer, and return to Seattle to open my own business providing custom calligraphy, book designs, and digital design services.

Throughout university, I worked with a surf clothing start-up, interned at an award-winning architecture studio, designed for Seattle small businesses, and served on a 501(c)(3) committee for two consecutive years. Recently I was involved with designing and deploying 2 successful website launches. Currently, I am designing a font, directing a book production, and am developing a local artists e-commerce website.